The Wacky World of Sports

Why am I a Minnesota Vikings fan?  I just don’t get it. If you follow football, you already know that they’re having a very controversial, ill-fated, overall lousy season.  They have only won 2 games out of 7 so far this year, and it doesn’t look to get any better. After just watching them lose to the Patriots, mainly because their defense just isn’t what it was last year, I’m ready to limp through the rest of the season just hoping to break .500.

I’m in a bad mood…all because of a football game that I have absolutely no control over.

 So why worry about team sports at all?  What a strange, worldwide obsession.  We pick a sport that we enjoy watching, pick a team that we classify as our “favorite”, and then cheer for them to win.  We don’t make any coaching decisions, we’re not playing in the game so that we can affect the outcome in any way, and no matter how loudly we yell at the TV screen, the people who ARE actually playing the game cannot hear us.  Yet we yell, scream and cheer through every game.  Why?

 A former NBA player named Walter Bond recently came to my company and gave a motivational talk.  He was very humorous, and told many anecdotes about his years as a basketball player.  One of the things he said he could never understand was how even his own fans would yell “YOU SUCK” whenever he made a bad play.  To put it into perspective, he said that some day he was going to come to our place of employment, get there about 6 a.m. and start tailgating in the parking lot, then come into our office about 10 a.m., good and drunk and wait for us to make a mistake…just so he could yell “YOU SUCK”.

Yet, there I was, just an hour or so ago, yelling as loud as I could at Asher Allen after he missed a tackle “CHRIST, YOU SUCK!  HOW THE HELL DID YOU EVER MAKE IT TO THE NFL?!?!?!?!?”.  As you can probably tell, my family wasn’t home…I wouldn’t yell that loudly if they were.  Yet they know that it’s best to leave me alone when I’m watching a game.  Why?  Because they know it can affect my mood.  And they don’t want to be around when I’m in a bad mood. 

As a faithful Vikings fan, I read a couple of websites on a regular basis to catch updated news on the team and see how other fans are reacting to our downturn this season.  The message boards really crack me up, because everyone is full of coaching advice.  “Tarvaris Jackson should be starting instead of Favre”… “Childress should run Peterson more”… “If they ran this type of defense, Allen would get more sacks”…I guess these people really just need to blow off some steam, because I hope none of them are under the illusion that the coaching staff reads these entries and says to each other “Why didn’t we think of that?  With all the millions that they’re paying us to coach this team, how can this average guy make such a great suggestion?  He’s absolutely right!”

Just writing this has calmed me down a little, because it has made me realize just how silly it is to get upset over a football game.  However, I do think Asher Allen sucks.


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I live in a small town in Illinois with my wife and three kids. I am a part-time musician, part-time writer, and full-time dreamer.
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