The Real Halloween Story

My son called me when he got home from school today with big news. He had written a story for English class, and he got an A+, complete with many flattering comments from his teacher. In fact, she told him that it should be published. So I told him that I would publish it tonight! I know I’m biased, but I also think it’s a great story. Hope you enjoy it!

The Real Halloween Story by Erik Halberg

            “Before I start reading does anyone have any questions?” asked Mr. Anthony, the English teacher. “None, well then let me begin.” Before he started reading Timmy woke up to hear the story. When he looked up his shiny dark brown hair turned bright under the sun. He was small but tough. He didn’t want to be known for his height. He had crooked teeth that needed some floss. The teacher cleared his throat and began to read. In confidence he read, “It was 1663 and they had Halloween everyday. They mostly did to make fun of witchcraft. The infamous Dr. Moon turned into mortal and roamed the earth wearing a black cloak next to his bald stubborn head. He did not like Halloween. That moment Edward Sunlight trotted over to him in spiky black hair and a fiery orange vest. He tried to make an agreement, but Moon wouldn’t pay attention. Suddenly Dr. Moon shoved him into a casket harder than a ton of bricks. Angrily Moon shoved the casket to the bottom of the lake. It ended in flames just like Moon intended it to be. Cries filled the air with sadness. Halloween was never spoken of until now.”

            Mr. Anthony slammed the book. Timmy stared astonished at the story. He thought for a minute. “I wonder was that story true or not,” thought Timmy. Brrrrring! The bell went off.

“Class, have a great day!” yelled Mr. Anthony. Timmy walked out of the school. Like every day after school Timmy headed to the old lake at the town park. Surrounded by pine trees he made his way to the lake. He remembered he once saw a picture of Halloween. It was a pirate bobbing for apples. He wished he could do that now. But he can’t. He just can’t. Sadly he sat down skipping rocks. He threw a small flat rock across the water. After it bounced four times it came to a stop. It couldn’t just sit on the water rocks are to dense. He ran home and grabbed his dad’s deep sea fishing rod. Timmy reeled in an enormous box about one-hundred and forty-five pounds. When he got on to shore he took a look around it. Finally he opened and there laid Edward Twilight. Thinking he was dead Timmy poked the body that lay there. Suddenly Edward’s eyes opened real wide. Timmy passed out landing with a big, THUMP!

            Timmy woke up blinking until his eyes adjusted to the light. He looked up. Above him was a dirty white almost brown ceiling. He thought it might be hundreds of years old. ”Where am I?” Timmy questioned looking around finding nothing except black dress shoes leading up to Edward.

            “My mansion,” replied Edward.

            “What?” Timmy questioned.

            “You’re in my mansion!” yelled Edward, “I took you to my mansion after you passed out. Get up we are gonna have a war with Moon.”

            “Isn’t warfare a little harsh?” asked Timmy.

            “NO!” answered Edward in a harsh tone.

            “Oh boy,” mumbled Timmy. To lure Moon down Edward threw a moon pie as high as he could.

            “Yum I smell moon pies!” Moon said licking his lips. He looked around and saw Edward standing tall and Timmy slouching in fear. “What do you…ah, what do we have here?” Moon giggled, “Edward and a little school boy this will be fun. Well answer me what do you want.”

            “No time for talk we want a war. We have rights!” mouthed Timmy.

            “Well ok,” agreed Dr. Moon. Suddenly Moon started to attack. All that should be said is it ended in little evil spots of red fire jumping all over the little town. How can a town so clean smell so dull?

            Hours went by. Edward and Timmy returned to the collapsed mansion. They went down the moldy-green steps. At the bottom was a huge laboratory. “Wow, what is all is all this for.” Timmy asked.

            “A day like today,” replied Edward. He cleared off the desk and began to work. First he put on a cold rusted welding mask. He started welding. It started to look like a huge gun barrel with two handles at each end. Timmy fell asleep. When he woke up he saw a big rifle like machine.

            “What is it?” asked Timmy.

            “It’s what I call a plasma rifle,” Edward replied proudly, “Let’s go kill Moon.” They ran outside ready to fight. They got ready.

            “The war has BEGUN!!!!!!”  Moon yelled. Moon took the first shot and Edward was lifted off his feet. Timmy was just sitting and watching like it was an action movie. Edward tried to take aim, but Moon was too fast. Moon aimed exactly at Edward’s hand.

            “OW!!!!!” screamed Edward. You could hear his breath fading away. Edward’s hand was red and swollen. The gun slid over toward the edge of a small cliff over the water. You could hear little pebbles fall into the water. Timmy ran as fast as he could, surrounded by so much white ash-like snow he thought it was Christmas. Timmy slid for the gun. Of course, he was wearing shorts, so it burned his leg. He tried to point the gun.

            “Say your prayers,” giggled Moon. Timmy closed his eyes and shot.

            “Am I dead?” questioned Timmy. He opened his eyes, and Moon was gone.  He turned around, and he saw Edward disappearing and thanking him. “Halloween is not everyday, but we should at least have it every year today,” declared Timmy.

            Five weeks later, the town was reestablished. They were back in school. “Before I start reading, does anyone have any questions?” asked Mr. Anthony. “None? Ok, let me begin.”


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I live in a small town in Illinois with my wife and three kids. I am a part-time musician, part-time writer, and full-time dreamer.
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3 Responses to The Real Halloween Story

  1. Wow, great story! Looks like your son inherited your imagination and writing talent, Rick!

  2. Beth says:

    Like father, like son!

  3. bet365 says:

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    your subject is splendid
    I learn a lot in your website really thank your very much
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