Random thoughts from a random person

Just thought I would share some totally random thoughts and observations with everyone. After all, this blog consists of random thoughts from a random person, does it not? (read the header above)

  1. While walking the dog with my son tonight, he was telling me about who he was walking around the neighborhood with last night. He included one guy’s name (who I’ll call “Tim”). I said, “I thought you hated Tim.” My son replied, “I do.” “So why were you hanging out with him?” I asked. He just kind of sighed and said “You really need to learn about the new junior high, Dad.” I kind of laughed out loud. “What else can you tell me about the ‘new’ junior high?” I asked. His one word response was “sucks.” Maybe you had to be there.          
  2. My old friend Stew Salowitz once posed the question, “why do powered sugar donuts taste cold when you bite into them?” To this day, I am still in search of the answer.
  3. Why the hell are people obsessed with Kim Kardashian?  Sure, she’s hot looking, but so are half the women in my office, and I can see them face-to-face. She just seems to be such a lint-head. Now she was married for about a half-hour, and I read somewhere where her and her ex each made several thousand dollars on the whole thing. WTF?
  4. My kids ask a lot of questions, which I think is great. That means they want to learn more about the world around them, and quite frankly, it sometimes causes me to ponder certain things in life as well. On tonight’s afore-mentioned walk, my son started asking questions about death as we walked by the cemetery. He said he had heard that hair and fingernails keep growing after a body is dead and buried. I told him that I had no idea, but I would ask my friend Tim, who is a mortician. He then said something about people who donate their bodies for medical research and observed, “When they cut into your dead body, what if it still really hurts and you can’t say anything about it because you’re dead?” Could be.
  5. I was looking through a catalog we got in the mail today. I have no idea how we got on their mailing list. It was one of those “really cheap shit that no one would want to find under their Christmas tree” catalogs. For instance, it showed an attachment you could buy to put on the hose of your vacuum cleaner to clean out the lint filter. The lady who was demonstrating it in the photo was smiling as she was using it. Have you ever smiled while cleaning lint out of your dryer? Does anyone? No, because it’s a shit job that has to be done.
  6. In the same catalog, they have 4 or 5 different items that sport logos from NFL teams…shot glasses, mugs and some other piece-of-crap items. They list 12 teams to choose from, and it’s the same 12 for each item: Bears, Packers, Steelers, 49ers, etc. What’s wrong with that?  Well, the last time I checked there were 32 freakin’ NFL teams, and one of them was the freakin’ Minnesota Vikings! Are they one of your “elite” 12 teams? Nupe!  And one of the teams they list is the Cleveland Browns…the Cleveland fucking Browns!  Never in my life have I EVER met a Cleveland Browns fan. I would almost rather burn this catalog than recycle it…it deserves to be burned.
  7. I’ve attached a Marvin Gaye video because I think he was one of the greatest artists that ever lived. ‘nuff said.

About groovyrick

I live in a small town in Illinois with my wife and three kids. I am a part-time musician, part-time writer, and full-time dreamer.
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5 Responses to Random thoughts from a random person

  1. Kristi Zimmerman says:

    Your powdered-sugar donut question has really managed to affect my REM cycle this evening. It’s so true… been under my nose for so long and yet I’ve never thought too much about it. Never thought about it at all, for that matter. But yet, it’s true. It’s like science … I listened to a podcast today about antimatter and it really messed me up because it’s something that’s been there as long as we have – LONGER – (much like the delicious powdered donut) – and right under our nose (or, in terms of antimatter, it is our nose, just in another mirrored, opposite dimension). One thing I know for sure: anti-matter is bitchin’, just like powdered donuts. And both are cold when you bite into them. But the difference is if you bit into antimatter the equal but opposite particles collide to produce an explosion emitting pure radiation … traveling out of the point of the explosion at the speed of light. Perhaps biting into a powdered donut sends you on a similar adventure but at a micro-level? Maybe powdered donuts can fuel our spaceships and get us to mars? Food for thought. (Literally)

    FYI – I speculate that your son hates Tim b/c he’s a mortician? Who knows… junior high stuff.

    • groovyrick says:

      I see a whole marketing campaign Kristi. Catch phrases like “What’s the (anti) matter?” and “It really doesn’t (anti) matter”…and my personal favorite, “Where’s the beef?”

  2. groovyrick says:

    Dang, there was one I forgot to add. My son was on Facebook last night, and one of his friends posted “I hate my life” as his status. Another friend posted below it “that’s understandable”. It cracked me up.

  3. Tara says:

    2. Whoa! Your friend Stew just blew my mind, I concur with Kristi.
    3. I don’t understand this obsession with Kim either. I was over at my parent’s house and my sister goes “Tara, did you hear the news?” Ofcourse I was expecting some sort of news about her job or a fight she had got into that day with a friend but instead she said, “Kim Kardashian is getting a divorce,” to which I reply, “Oh, I don’t care.” Then left the building. Although, after learning she made money off of her divorce (from your wonderful blog), I can say I’m jealous. Can you imagine if the entire population made money off of every divorce?
    4. Kids say the darndest things (right Kristi?).
    5. I wonder how successful catalogs are as a marketing tool. I get random catalogs as well and ALWAYS want to buy something from them, but never actually have. Ask anyone and they’ll tell you I am a impulsive consumer so if they didn’t get me, who are they actually getting? Grandma and Grandpa maybe?

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