Why am I groovyrick?

First of all, I personally think groovy is a good word to describe me.  There are times I just feel…groovy.  If you’re not really familiar with that term, it comes from the latin “groovea” which means “to act cool, talk cool, and do cool things”.  If you’re not familiar with cool, see a Steve McQueen movie.

The other reason I’m groovyrick is that I play in a band called Sister Groove and the Crosstown Jam.  Here is a link to the website (hope it’s ok to do this: www.sistergroove.com)  For short, we just go by “Sister Groove”.  So I also play in a groovy band. 

I hope you find my blog to be groovy, and I hope that, overall, life is groovy for you.

In the name of grooviness,



3 Responses to Why am I groovyrick?

  1. Beth says:

    Of course you are groovy. Was there any question?

  2. Steve Griffin says:

    Your blog needs to have more content about pizzas.

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